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Leading engineering at high growth tech companies is challenging

There’s a lot to get right. Develop and nurture a high-performing team that gets the right product to market as quickly as possible. Recruit and retain talented engineers in a hot job market. Integrate acquisitions. Communicate constantly, and earn trust across the organization. Foster effective collaboration across geographically distributed teams. And these are just some of the challenges. Add to this a constantly evolving technology landscape and changing development paradigms — how can you go it alone?

The industry has long seen the benefits of CEO Peer Groups, where executives solo in their posts collaborate with peers as a “think tank” to solve their most important business challenges. Now, Software Development executives can realize this same benefit with the VPE Forum. In the VPE Forum, forum peers are trusted advisors.

About Us


Melanie Ziegler, founder of the VPE Forum has spent her entire career helping companies produce high quality, marketable software solutions. Recognized as a strategic and pragmatic thinker who leads by example, Melanie builds highly productive teams and is collaborative in her approach as a skilled facilitative leader. She is passionate about best practices and helping teams achieve success.

Melanie has 30 years of experience in high tech. She began her career as a software engineer and quickly grew into positions of leadership. She served 12 years in Executive-level VP/SVP roles before launching MSZ Consulting LLC in 2011 to help companies solve strategic software development challenges. Melanie launched the VPE Forum in 2014.

Melanie’s experience spans many domains and industries, from cloud-based enterprise applications, robotics, and data visualization, to remote sensing and embedded systems.

Melanie earned her bachelor’s degree in Math and Computer Science from the University of Rochester.


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