VPE Forum members are executives responsible for software development and engineering in rapidly growing technology companies. Members are high caliber individuals — smart, innovative leaders who collaborate openly, value continuous improvement, and have a passion for making an impact on their companies.

How the program works

Membership is by invitation. Members join a dedicated Forum that meets quarterly for full-day, in-depth sessions. Forum groups are formed based on company size and stage, the leader’s experiences, and a variety of other factors that set the stage for the group to become a high-performing team.

Quarterly meetings are expertly prepared and facilitated. Each meeting agenda includes:

Member challenges

The cornerstone of the program. Members present real challenges and opportunities in a supportive and confidential environment and receive honest insight and guidance that can be applied immediately. Sufficient time is allocated to allow deep dives and lots of discussions.

Report-outs & accountability

Each meeting provides an opportunity for members to report back on actions taken, experiments tried and results experienced – all with the goal of helping members move toward their desired outcomes

Best practices discussions

  • A continually evolving list of topics has included:
    • Scaling without slowing down
    • Incorporating generative AI into your product
    • Leveraging LLMs such as Copilot and ChatGPT for developer productivity
    • Hybrid working best practices
    • Identifying and developing technical leaders
    • Driving metrics into the organization
    • Presenting to the Board of Directors
    • Data Sovereignty strategy
    • Managing up
    • Optimizing communications in a fully distributed company
    • Legacy portfolio decision-making and tradeoffs
    • Framing the discussion on investment in infrastructure
    • Fostering innovation
    • Organization structures
    • Hiring & onboarding

All-members meetups

Periodic all-members meetups, virtual and in-person, allow members to extend their networks and learn from the larger group of trusted leaders in the VPE Forum. Outside experts join meetups from time to time to enrich areas of importance to members.