Make software interns an integral part of your hiring strategy

Are software interns part of your hiring strategy?

If you’re a rapidly growing software company they should be.

Today’s computer science interns are more skilled than ever, taking a deeper college curriculum and investing their personal time in extracurricular and open source projects. These students are truly ready to contribute in the workforce. Further, the huge competition for software talent in the market simply demands that companies access and cultivate a larger pool of candidates. If you’re not using interns to grow your workforce, think again.

I came across this great article I wanted to share, full of practical ideas for getting the most from your intern program. Note: I don’t have any relationship with the highlighted company Sift Science.

How to Make Engineering Interns Effective for Your Startup:

I hope you enjoy it!

Introducing the VPE Forum

I’m excited to announce the launch of the VPE Forum (formerly called CTOsuite) after a successful pilot program this spring. Thank you to all our supporters and pilot members!!

The VPE Forum harnesses the power of mutual interest, outside perspective, and real-world experience. Forums are dedicated groups of 6-8 executives from non-competing, similarly sized and staged companies that meet on a regular basis to exchange best practices and solve member challenges. Members benefit from the insights, honest advice and shared practices of their peers.

The VPE Forum is working with some of Boston’s fasting growing software companies. To learn more, contact us at