Clients VPE Forum

A sample of companies that have benefited from the VPE Forum:

Conjur codeship bullhorn Help Scout 
autodesk salsify irobot unidesk
cyberark hubspot  jibo ezcater
pixability demandware veracode  resilient systems
toast temp alert buildium secureworks
continuum newstore signpost logmein 

What our members are saying:

“Joining the VPE Forum is like having the resources and brainpower of many VPEs concentrated into one.”

“Invaluable lessons learned from being able to see how 6-8 other peer companies evolve their organization, processes, and technology over time”

I’ve been a part of many informal dinner/drinks groups but nothing has even come close to the value that I get at every VPE Forum meeting. … Each session has a packed agenda focused on issues that are top of mind for the group, [she] pushes us to concrete actions and accountability and fosters an incredibly productive team dynamic for sharing”

“I have 7 new VP Eng friends who I learn from every month, occasionally help, and always participate on email threads about current issues like salary baselines, acquiring companies and integrating their teams and tech, etc. Really useful topics.”

“True peer network founded in non-competitive trust and confidentiality. Ongoing access to that network for questions”

“Focused challenges and sessions dig much deeper into issues than possible in other forums (networking events, conferences, etc)”

“Incredibly well-organized sessions; captured highlights and resources”

“Peers know your business and organization at a level of depth that you do not get in casual setting”

“Challenges provide in-depth, completely sober analysis of your issue. Leads to very high fidelity advice and insight from peer group”

“Accountability drives you to take action and report back. The whole team learns from each challenge”

“For years I had been looking for a group of dynamic peers with whom I could discuss challenges and share best practices; then I found the VPE Forum. After every session, I return to my organization energized and better equipped to deliver amazing products.”